Iaido – the Art of the Samurai Sword

Martial Arts America | Kendo and Iaido

Iadio is offered at our Brighton location. Call (585) 475-9250 for schedule and registration

The Way of the Samurai Sword

Iaido (pronounce ee-eye-doe) is often referred to as the “art of the fast draw”.  But instead of thinking of a gunslinger from the old west imagine a samurai in feudal Japan who had to develop a high level of skill with their preferred weapon – the samurai sword.  The Iaido class teaches various sword strikes, blocks and movements along with formalized patterns (kata) – with a wooden sword initially, then later a metal (unsharpened) sword.

No martial arts experience is needed for either class and beginners are always welcome. Classes are 1 hour long and typically meet on Saturday mornings at 8 am at our Brighton branch.  Ages 13 and up.  New students will practice with a wooden sword (bokken).  Call us at 585-475-9250 for more information and schedule your first class.


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