International Isshin Ryu Karate Federation

IIKF logoMartial Arts America is part of the international Isshin ryu Karate Federation, an organization promoting the teaching of Isshin ryu karate skills and philosophies around the world.  Founded in 2010 by Sensei Matt Dorsey and Sensei Curt Sawyer, the IIKF has charter schools and members all across the United States as well as India, Australia, England, Italy and other countries.

The IIKF puts on local events in the Rochester area on a regular basis – from training sessions to tournaments, picnics, and beach workouts.  Martial Arts America members can join the IIKF and take advantage of all the benefits that come from being part of a worldwide organization.

You can talk to your senseis about it and you can find more information online at www.IIKF.org

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