New To Karate?  This video class is for you!

Fun New Student karate class for kids who little to no experience.  For ages 4 – 12,  Try it out and let me know how you liked it – email me

Sensei Matt

Here’s a karate class for our Tiger karate students (ages 4 – 5). Click on the image

Tiger Class

Karate class for White, Yellow and Orange belt students. Click on the image

White, Yellow & Orange belt class – week of June 1st

Karate class for Green belts and higher. Click on the image

Green belt and higher class – week of June 1st

Katas for Tigers (4 & 5 years old)

Star Blocking Kata
Horse stance Kata #1

Katas for Beginners – White, Yellow and Orange Belts

Kihon Kata #1

Kihon Kata #2

Kihon Kata #3

Kihon Kata #4

Isshin ryu karate katas

Seisan Kata

Seiunchin Kata

Naihnanchi kata

Wansu Kata

Chinto Kata

Kusanku Kata

Sunsu kata

Isshin ryu weapons katas (Kobudo)

Bo – Bo Kumite

Chatan Yara no Sai

Four Corner Sai

Kusanku Sai

Tokumine no kun (Bo 1)

Other Training Videos

Samurai sword drawing and sheathing

Advanced bo techniques