Karate Birthday Parties

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Oliver Webeck’s Party on July 30th https://member-site.net/?FE–wXXMJ
Christopher Smith’s Party on August 6th https://member-site.net/?FE–wXXbb
Lucas Rightmyer’ss Party on August 13th https://member-site.net/?FE–wXXMb
Samantha D’Angelo’s Party on Sat Aug13th  https://member-site.net/?FE–wXhXJ
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A Karate birthday party at Martial Arts America will be a party your child will remember forever. Your child can invite up to 20 guests. Your birthday child and the guests will love learning fun, safe and exciting karate moves, play karate games and face the challenging NINJA OBSTACLE COURSE.

Parents are encouraged to stay and join in the fun.  We finish up the party with a special karate demonstration by the kids to show parents what they’ve learned. 

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