Special Events

Isshin ryu Karate Training seminar

Date:          Friday August 19th

Time:          5:30 – 7:30 pm

Location:     Samurai Martial Arts, 1512 Spencerport rd., Rochester, NY

Attire:         Traditional karate uniform (any color)

Bring:          Bo, sai

Improve! Grow! Learn!

 This upcoming seminar will help you do just that! This seminar will cover:

Isshin ryu Karate—Advanced skills  

How to take your Isshin ryu basics and katas to the next level

Weapons Defense—learn practical sand effective elf defense against a variety of weapons

These seminars will be taught by Sensei Curt Sawyer and Sensei Matt Dorsey Co-directors of the International Isshin ryu Karate Federation

Semnar fee:  IIKF members $20    non-IIKF members $20 includes IIKF membership (certificate and patch)

Register today to reserve your spot.  Minimum age:  12 years old.  Minimum rank:  Green belt. Register here https://member-site.net/?EV–wXgbi

Upcoming Special Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.


We offer Isshin-Ryu karate classes for all ages:

As well as a variety of specialty programs including: