Special Events

Dodgeball Night – coming up in March

Friday March 10 – Penfield Dojo 6 – 8:00 pm 

Saturday March 11 – Brighton Dojo 6 – 8 pm

Saturday March 11 – Webster Dojo 6 – 8 pm

Photo Days (for all students and instructors) – no purchase needed

Here are the dates for this year’s photo days at each dojo.  Wear your full uniform and belt.  No appointment necessary – each photo session takes 5 minutes or less.  Great, affordable photo packages are available.  If you can’t make it to your dojo’s scheduled day, you can come to another dojo and have photo take there (it will be put on your correct dojo photo poster).

Monday March 20 – Penfield dojo, 2160 Penfield rd., Penfield

Tuesday March 21 – Webster dojo, 1270 Creedk St., Webster

Monday March 27 – Brighton dojo, 3450 Witnon Place, Rochester


Upcoming Special Events

There are no upcoming events.


We offer Isshin-Ryu karate classes for all ages:

As well as a variety of specialty programs including: