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Kung Fu is offered at our Webster location. Call 585-347-4660 for schedule and registration

The Art of Work and Achievement

Kung Fu has a long tradition of being an effective martial art, giving its practitioners effective martial arts skill along with instilling a philosophy of peace and mindfulness. Our Kung Fu program offers practical self defense training along with fitness, stress control and positive social interaction. Classes are 45 – 60 minutes long and students typically meet twice per week.  These classes are held at our Webster branch.

Sifu Mark Cardona heads the kung fu program.  He has over 30 years of martial arts experience and has trained with may top masters and world champions.  He brings his energy and passion for the martial arts to every class and when you try the class, you’ll instantly feel the amazing benefits from the training.

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Other Programs

We offer Isshin-Ryu karate classes for all ages:

As well as a variety of specialty programs including: