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Isshin Ryu Karate

Isshin ryu is a form of karate with a rich history from Okinawa, Japan.  By combining the most effective methods of various other karate styles, Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, developed Isshin ryu karate over 50 years ago.  It is now a popular karate style in the United States and is recognized for it’s powerful moves, graceful form and effective self defense skills.

A student of Isshin ryu learns the basic movements, katas (pre-arranged routines), self defense and sparring skills for a well-rounded karate experience.   Students move up in belt ranks by learning and mastering skills and knowledge eventually earning a black belt (usually a 3 -4 year process).

Martial Arts America’s director, Sensei Matt Dorsey has trained in Isshin ryu karate for over 40 years, learning directly from the top masters of the art in both the US and Okinawa.  The senseis at all our branches learned directly from him and also continue their own training in the art.

We have a full schedule of classes for children, teens and adults – divided by age group  and experience levels.  Students attend two times per week with additional classes optional.  Home practice is encouraged for everyone.

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